News update – May 2013

Excellent Progress @ Stanegate Restorations, Haltwhistle

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As ever we are indebted to Sara Shrives of Stanegate Restorations for the following photographs and captions. As can be seen the basic resorted structure of NSR No. 127 has now taking shape. The restoration of the corner modules is now complete and they are dry fitted.

Significantly, evidence has been found that the original floor (long since turned to dust) was diagonally double planked. There are no drawings for NSR coach’s of this period, hence detective work and conservation of original material’s remain key elements of the restoration project.

We are very fortunate in that No 61 has remained in very original condition and has helped us to resolve many detailed conundrums on 127.  

The coach doors are all being replaced, sufficient evidence from the two remaining samples has allowed the design to be faithfully reproduced. After a great deal of head scratching patterns have been produced for the grab handles and hinges, all are now on order.

The door edge protectors have survived and have again provided evidence of the original design. As a double check we have been fortunate in gaining access to NSR No28 of the same period preserved on the CVR, this coach has remnants of the same design.

NSR 127 - first floor

Almost all the first layer of the floor is now dry fitted.

NSR 127 - second floor

The upper layer - note : it goes the other way to the first one - has also been dry fitted.

NSR 127 - primed corner

Repairs done, and primer applied. This corner module will be secured as a dry fit.

As the extruded “T” section door protector strips have eluded replacement Mr Donkin has contacted several of the well established groups in on to see if a spares of similar design could be acquired. In the event the bold decision has been made to have new dies made to allow the extrusions to be produced correct design – at a cost of £1500 !. We will have sufficient section available to cover 127, 61 (and 28...!).

Research in to the design characteristics of the chimney vents is almost complete, help to verify our plans (and indeed a tame draughtsman) would be appreciated.  

Cost of castings and extrusions alone this month over £4000, hence the Trust remains appreciative of donations from the “Friends”. For a little as £5 a month or small donation there is still time to help us achieve our goal – that of 127 carrying passengers for the first time in over a Century this year.

This will be a one off event in 2013 and will be free for the Friends. The Trust aspire to a formal launch of our “Knotty Heritage Train” early next year with No.61 and at least one Victorian loco. We hope to announce our plans for the completion of No.61 next month –as ever help in all of its many forms will be appreciated.

Dave Scragg

18th May 2013


NSR 127 - interior corner

Repaired corner module from the inside


NSR 127 - ladders

If anyone else wants a set of ladders. they'll have to wait a bit.

NSR 127 - exterior corner

Another corner module, viewed from the outside.