News update – April 2013

Dry fit of restored panels on NSR 127 @ Stanegate Restorations, Haltwhistle.

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We are once again indebted to Sara Shrives of Stanegate Restorations for the following photographs and captions. The news section of the web pages will continue to be updated on a monthly basis.



NSR 127 - side module replaced

Slightly "arty" view of one side module, currently dry fitted.

NSR 127 - non-door end

View towards the end of th coach - repair were required to the lower sections only. The corner modules at this end are next in line for repair.

NSR 127 - first corner module

That came out rather easily......hope the other three do the same. The carriage corner post is alongside "on the bench" - both for inspection / assessment before starting work.

NSR 127 - grain filler

Age of the timber in this panel - and the weather - has required some grain filling to produce a smooth surface for painting

NSR 127 - new door parts

Stack of components for the doors, the eight lower (bottom) rails are laid out ready for the next operation - they are very complicated items........

NSR 127 - primer on panel

Applying primer to a panel of one of the side modules

NSR 127 - door part details

Selection of door components. Note the complexity of the bottom rail.