News update – March 2013

The restoration of NSR No 127 makes good progress @ Stanegate Restorations, Haltwhistle.

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The restoration of No 127 is now making real progress at Stanegate Restorations.  The Trust are indebted to Sara Shrives of Stanegate Restorations for the following photographs and captions. The news section of the web pages will continue to be updated on a monthly basis.


Dry fit of the first side

Before priming, the first side module was returned to the carriage for a test/dry fit.

Another module for repair

The fourth module has now arrived on the bench, it will be cleaned (inc nail removal) and then repaired as required.


Side by side

Part of the side module repair "production line" - the work on nearer module has just begun, and work is much more advanced on the further module.



Top hinge

The small size of a top hinge in the much larger location for the middle hinge.


Under upper waist rail

Another side module under repair - extra support being added under the upper waist rail to secure the original timber panel.


Module primed

The main repairs of the first of the side modules have been completed; the framework is now primed. A dry fit has been carried out already, straight after taking this.....


Repair underway

Splicing in a replacement section to the lower end of this vertical, other repairs are next on the agenda. The area just above the top of the scarf joint will have some attention, like the insertion of plugs (treenails) and fillets.


Top rail repairs

This top rail, and the top of the adjacent upright have required repairs, sections of new timber are being inserted.


Repaired verticals

Spot the join, these verticals have been repaired and then primed.


Upper tenon

Upper tenon - this one has been replaced, currently unpainted as the final joint will be made later, during final installation.


Cleaning panel

Window beads have been removed, the surface of the timber is being scraped and sanded to clean it back to bare wood. A considerable quantity of rusted iron from steel fixings will be extracted during this phase.



Cill installation

The cill sections are being installed after dry-fitting a few days earlier, the one further from the camera is only dry fitted. (It was fully installed the following day)
The side module has yet to be removed for repairs, unlike the two from further away - update; one of the repaired modules has since been dry-fitted.


Droplight sets

Further machining - creating the curved sections - has been taking place on the droplight components.