News update – February 2013

The manufacture of replacement door locks for NSR No. 127

© 2013 The NSR Rolling Stock Restoration Trust. Registered Charity No 1127895

Dave Donkin has once again excelled on the behalf of the Trust, this time with the manufacture of a full set of eight door lock mechanisms. The design is an exact copy of the one original lock from No. 61.

The work has been carried out to an exceptionally high standard, faithfully reproducing not only the external features but also the original method of locking.

Certain elements have of necessity been produced on a professional basis, including the handle castings. Casting of the spindle shafts into the handle was a particular problem, resolved after some months of discussion with our friendly pattern maker.

Springs have also been professionally manufactured bringing the material costs alone to close on £1000. We can only speculate the cost of the locks if the whole job had been subcontracted, Dave having spent many hundreds of hours producing the bodies and lock mechanisms to the highest of standards.  


Dave displayed his work to Gordon Sadler before final assembly on Sunday 10th February. Gordon has kindly sponsored the material cost for three of the locks and as a friend of the Trust has a guaranteed place on the first public run of No 127.

The appeal remains open, why not sponsor a tangible part of the coach ?. Details are available from Dave Scragg, contact via the website or at Foxfield on any Sunday.

The locks will be delivered to Stanegate restorations in the near future for fitting to the coach.