News update – December 2012

NSR No 127 @ Stanegate Restorations

The restoration of No 127 continues at Stanegate Restorations. The team have been pleasantly surprised by the general condition of much of the structure despite the years of open air storage.

New corner brackets have been manufactured and painted and the manufacture of replacement drop lights is in hand. Back at Foxfield, Trustee Dave Donkin is making good progress with the manufacture of door locks, casting of a new set of brass door handles will take place as soon as funds are available. Why not sponsor a lock for Christmas - what could be better than a lasting contribution to the project that is both tangible and of historic value? Contact Dave Scragg via the contact the Editor link for more details.







The first of the side panels has been removed for restoration.







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wpc259d588_0f.jpg     wp95e06a20_0f.jpg

                 Sanding - Before                                                                  Sanding - After

Initial sanding gives some idea of how the coach                          Panel detail in remarkably good condition

will look in a few months.


wpaf541f9c_0f.jpg    wp636f91c6_0f.jpg

New angle brackets have been manufactured,                                       New drop lights in kit form

painted and await fitting.


wp458da167_0f.jpg        wp11b9ce9d_0f.jpg Replacement cills, joints cut and ready                              Cill joints with fungicidal protection applied
for fitting.