The Brake Coach Project

A NSR Brake Coach for the Knotty Heritage Train ?

The first images of the Trust’s new brake project are revealed!.

A suitable, matching braked vehicle has been needed for use with 127 & 61 since they entered passenger service in August 2014. As no Knotty Brake coaches of any era were still thought to exist, the Trust's first thoughts were to create a replica, externally representative of an 1870s four wheeled 20ft Knotty Brake, typical of those used in Loop Line formations until about 1900.

Amazingly the Trust was then offered three carriage bodies at a site near Rudyard Lake, one of which was a Brake third, though in the worst imaginable condition. Many parts had to be excavated from the ground in 2014-15, where they had fallen 50 years before. It is a Stoke-built 1880s four wheeled 25ft Brake third which seated 20 passengers plus space for luggage, milk, etc, and the guard. A full specification for its restoration has been drawn up and an ideal underframe was made available on very generous terms to the Trust. This is now under restoration and modification to 25ft length.

Moreover, the Trust launched the project as the Accessible Brake Coach (ABC) and will provide an accessible section in the completed carriage for passengers in wheelchairs to travel in exactly the same Victorian style. The restored carriage will seat 27, the interior design being very similar to our Third number 127. Sadly no number has come to light during the recovery of the remains from Rudyard, but the Trust has researched the type extensively using the surviving records and concluded that a suitable number for this design is 23, . A trial section of one side has been restored to prove that a significant amount of the original framework can be incorporated. Its attractive, rounded style of panelling illustrates the design development of Knotty carriages from the basic square woodwork of number 61, and one day soon passengers will be able to ride again in a Knotty carriage type that was believed to be extinct.....

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wp97db98b8.png Accessible Brake Coach Appeal

An NSR Brake carriage, restored

with ramps and fittings for wheelchairs