The Brake Coach Project

A new build NSR loop line brake for the Knotty Trust ?

The first image of the Trusts new build brake project is revealed!. As previously discussed it is essential that a suitable braked vehicle available for use with 127 & 61, our thoughts are to create a vehicle that is externally representative of a four wheeled Knotty Brake typical of those used in loop line formations.

It is not a distraction of our principle aim but is indicative of the structured approach of the Trust. Our aim is of course the restoration of 127 & 61 and the provision of secure covered accommodation. This will remain so until both principle aims have been achieved.

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The Trust is of course committed to the full restoration of the two Knotty coaches in its care, providing covered accommodation and ongoing maintenance. We may allow ourselves to look beyond our more immediate aims however and consider the need for  a vehicle of appropriate design that may also provide disabled accommodation.

In an ideal world we would locate and restore a Knotty brake of the 1875 -80 period upon steel frame. Whilst a number did see further use after withdrawal none have survived into the preservation era. One option therefore is to build ( or have built ) a body that has the external appearance of a period brake. Having spent some time studying photographic evidence the above image is representative of  one of at least three similar variants from this period.

Is it viable? Of course it is – look what have been achieved to date! Ideally we need a 20ft chassis upon to base our design on, some compromise may be needed unless our skilled engineers fancy another “cut and shut”.

In principle we have the basis of the design to hand – the layout of the passenger compartment being the same as no 61.



wp97db98b8.png Accessible Brake Coach Appeal

An NSR Brake carriage, restored

with ramps and fittings for wheelchairs